Functional Medicine for the treatment of chronic illness and hormonal-related issues.

I’m a Board-Certified physician and I specialize in helping individuals who have been failed by the traditional medical system.

I focus on areas of health not typically covered by standard medical practitioners, such as:




Gut Health

Over a number of years of working with women and men suffering from issues such as loss of energy and libido, weight gain, depression, digestive issues, insomnia, and hair loss, I have consistently seen a significant reduction of symptoms in my patients.

The Path To Wellness Program

My treatment program works for women and men who are suffering from ill-health and who:

Have been failed by traditional medicine

Are frustrated that doctors seem unable listen to or even treat their symptoms

Are motivated to try a different, holistic approach to tackling their health issues

Are not prepared to accept that loss of vitality is a result of middle-age

Want to reclaim the spark that’s gone missing from their lives, and ENJOY life again

I create a customized protocol that can dramatically improve both your short and long-term health.

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The corporatization of medicine has destroyed primary care as a specialty. The primary care physician is supposed to be your go-to doctor, your advocate, the coordinator of your health care…